Hold on Tight

Have you ever had one of those epic moments where it just hits you how extremely blessed you are? Where you are able to step back with a fresh perspective of life?

Yeah, me too.

Today was one of those moments. I was driving home from my subbing job at a local pre-school. I needed to study, but was craving some serious coffee (because, obviously, Monday + 4 year olds + college. Duh.). I called my dad up to see if he was at the downtown coffee shop, aka his second home and my favorite java junction. He was, so I took a detour and chased after that coffee. Upon my arrival, he told me to pick out any drink I wanted and he would get it. (such a sweet father I have, amiright?) Soon, an iced mocha was in my hand and I was chatting in the chill coffee cafe with my dad, who had gotten a milkyway steamer. Our conversation only lasted a few minutes, for we both had to continue on with our day. But times with my dad, especially while drinking coffee, are some of my favorites.

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The tune of some favorite music was playing as I was driving home (as it usually is no matter what car I’m in). Greg Holden’s “Hold on Tight” started playing, and the moment was on like a light switch. Here are some of the lyrics to this song:

I’ve been waking up tight
Day after day
Hope is taking it’s time
To go my way
But I don’t take my life for granted
I’m gonna hold on tight
To what I’ve been handed
I’ll try not to complain
About the things I have lost
Cause when you have something great
That just means there’s a greater loss
So when you look at yourself
Tell me who do you see
Is it the person you been
Or the person you’re gonna be
Don’t take your life for granted
Don’t take your life for granted
Why don’t you hold on tight
To what you’ve been handed
Cause you just don’t know how long you will have it

I’ve always been thankful for what God has blessed me with. I thank Him every single day for everything He has given me and continues to grace my life with. But today, I was extra aware of what I’ve been handed.

First of all– God’s love. I would have no hope without Him, and He makes life worth living. He puts the joy behind the smile. He makes even a rainy day seem wonderful, because He offers hope and peace beyond the physical. Without Him, none of the rest of our blessings would be possible!

I wouldn’t trade my family for the WORLD. My dad provides and loves us, my mom keeps this household running with grace, my sister is there for me and my miniature dachshund makes life even more fun.

2016-03-14 04.43.18 1.jpg

I have a job I love where I get to work with kids, even if it’s not on a regular basis. The Lord has so graciously blessed me with this, for I learn so much and also earn some money to help pay for college.

I could go on and on.

Then there are those little grace-upon-graces that God romances my day with. The sunshine on my face after a rainy morning. The laughter of a child. The vivid blue sky scattered with white clouds. The scent of blossoming spring.

2016-03-14 04.42.14 1.jpg

And on top of all that, an awesome cup of chilled, sweet, chocolaty coffee.

So as I cruised along on the highway, sipping my iced coffee, I thought about how so many people in the world have it so much worse than I do, and yet some days I fuss and complain about how rough my life is. I need a permanent sticky note reminder in my head that says, “Look up!” Look around to see how wonderful your life is. Don’t take it for granted. Hold on tight to what you’ve been handed by the Almighty God! He has blessed you with an abundance for a reason–not to selfishly use it for your pleasure, but to glorify Him! The things we have on this earth aren’t ours anyway; they are simply on loan from the Lord. So use these little temporary blessings as service to the One who gave it!

“For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” James 4:14

This post is not meant to be a boastful, look-what-I-have documentary. Rather, it is a challenge to myself and any of you to look around for blessings in everyday life.

It is in finding God’s grace in the ordinary that makes life extraordinary.

What blessings are you surrounded with in your life? Let us always be grateful and focus on what matters most in our lives. But especially, to hold on tight to God. He is our strength and shield in whatever storms life throws at us (Psalm 18:1-3). 

Writing these things helps to engrave them in my mind and life. I hope that this encourages you, as well, to be more conscious of the blessings around you, give thanks to the Creator for them, and use them for His glory. What a great God we serve!


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